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Vision Fit Fly Boxes

Vision Fit Fly BoxesVision Fit Fly Boxes

The Vision Fit and Deep series of fly boxes are thicker than the Slim range, but still thin when compared to traditional fly boxes so any number will still pack snug into a vest pocket or chest pack.

£5.99 inc VAT

With boxes ideal for trout, salmon, pike and salt water flies, and being able to hold far more than you'll ever need for a days fishing, the reverse side is decorated with a special fish camo print.

code length width depth rrp £
V105 14.6cm 8.1cm 2.1cm 5.99
V106 14.6cm 8.1cm 2.1cm 5.99
V107 18.5cm 10.1cm 1.7cm 6.99
V110 18.5cm 10.0cm 2.8cm 7.99
V113 28.0cm 19.0cm 2.0cm 20.99
V114 28.0cm 19.0cm 5.0cm 22.99
V115 18.5cm 10.0cm 1.7cm 6.99